Teacup Fairy was formed in 2015 by father and daughter team Mike and Liz Deakin. 

Our objective is to bring beautiful, sought-after British porcelain to collectors, enthusiasts and anyone who likes beautiful, glamorous objects. 

Teacups are a great way to bring gorgeous, colourful sparkle to your day to day environment, elevating your cup of tea beyond simple form and function. Teacups enhance your breakfast, lunch or dinner, let you replicate that afternoon tea experience at home and brighten up the most basic office desk. 

Tea also tastes far better from a bone china cup than it does from any old mug or drinking flask. Ask the experts their opinion, and they'll tell you that a great cup of tea starts with great china. You simply cannot replicate the taste in earthenware or plastic. 

Why? because we love bone china. We were born in Stoke on Trent. Mike's mother (Liz's Grandmother) painted faces and flowers for Royal Doulton - china is in our blood. We love these pieces and are collectors, but we want others to be able to share the experience, and own your favourites for daily use.

The best china deserves to be used rather than kept in a dusty cupboard or hidden in a box under the stairs. The history of Staffordshire pottery is long and illustrious, and the pieces produced deserve to be treasured, and that means drinking tea from them, appreciating their beauty and letting the world see them. These items were never designed to be museum exhibits, they're functional objects.