Light blue daisy This set is spectacular. Frankly, it can stay in our collection for eternity because we love Wileman so much, but, we'd love it to have a good home. So, here are the details. Wileman (the factory which later became Shelley), in a complete double tea set, in good condition considering its advanced age and the very fine nature of the china. Powder blue decoration of daisies repeated throughout the flower-shaped china. Set includes twelve teacup trios, two serving plates milk jug, large sugar bowl. Utterly exquisite, complete, in one of Wileman's most popular colours.

Manufacturer: Wileman
Date: 1899-1910's

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Terrific early Radford in classic blue and white. The set consists of eight straight sided teacup trios, and a serving plate, plus extra pieces which are excluded from the sale but will be sent with the purchase (rather than separated) This is an antique set dating from the 1880's and is treasured by collectors like us.  

Manufacturer: Crescent China
Date: 1880-1891

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A sweet little set of four trios by Wileman (pre Shelley). Featuring a pretty leaf pattern in  classic blue and white, on the early May coffee cup shape. This antique set is in superb condition bearing in mind it is almost 150 years old!

Manufacturer: Wileman China
Date: 1893-1895

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Absolutely stunning antique trio by Wileman China. Featuring a full sized teacup, saucer and tea plate decorated with dainty dotting and blue flowers and finished with a golden gilt edging, this trio is really beautiful and in great condition for its age - its one of the oldest pieces in our collection! 

Manufacturer: Wileman China
Date: 1890-1891

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Charming tea set by Grosvenor China decorated with lovely pale blue banding and enhanced with a soft grey flower and leaf pattern.

Manufacturer: Grosvenor China
Date: 1930+

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Cool blue flowers, handfinished, with gorgeous Art-deco style shaping. In excellent condition throughout.

Manufacturer: Radfords
Date: 1930's

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