At Teacup Fairy we absolutely adore corset teacups - their wide bowl, narrow foot and overall styling make them truly special. This one is everything one might want from classic bone china. Baby pink, ornate gilt banding and a huge sense of style. Made in the 1930's by Paragon with the double warranty (Queen and Queen Mary) on the reverse. In very good condition with little wear

Manufacturer: Paragon
Date: 1930's

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Pretty pink daffodil design on a gorgeous corset teacup shape. Finished with pretty gilt accents. Lovely. 

Manufacturer: AynsleyChina
Date: 1934-41

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Lipstick red with gilt accents and a lacy gilt banding to the inside rim. Totally stunning.
If Mae West was a teacup, she'd look like this.  

Manufacturer: Aynsley China
Date: 1934-50

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