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Bye Bye Shelley

22 Aug 2018

Another one of our absolute favourites has gone off to its new home in Texas. We totally loved these pedestal cups - so special, we've only ever had them in this pattern and another Shelley classic "Dubarry".  We do have another set in Wild Flower, in the more standard cup shape, you can find it...

Really Wild (& Sons)

13 Aug 2018

We've just had a tea set into stock which I'm really excited about! It was mis-labeled at auction as being made by a company called "Alva", but I knew that wasn't right.  I bought it anyway, and here's the backstamp.  It's actually really early Wild Bros china, which later became Salisbury...

Liz's "Old Ladies"

13 Aug 2018

We just had a new arrival which is charming, classic and what Liz likes to call one of her "Old Ladies".  Liz's "Old Ladies" are antique china tea sets, normally turn of the last century or older, very much victorian in style. You can see lots of examples on the site, mostly in...

Meet the Teacup Fairy Dog!

13 Aug 2018

It's mental health week this week as I'm sure you know, and we thought we'd join the debate.  Like a growing number of companies, we also have an "office dog" who brings smiles, cuddles and general fun to our working day.  His name is Alfie and he's a total star, we love him very much!


13 Aug 2018

Hello All,  I hope you're well.  Time is flying by and progress as ever, just keeps happening.  In Teacup Fairy HQ we've had lots of changes - we've moved house and moved to a bigger warehouse; the Teacup Fairy got married!!!; we've got big plans and more focus than ever on the Teacup...

Welcome to Wishlist!

03 Feb 2017

Hey Everyone,  I hope you're all into the swing of 2017 and enjoying life! Lots has been going on at Teacup Fairy HQ. I've lots to tell you and lots that I will be able to tell you in the coming months.  Today's news is that we now have a wishlist function on the site - let me know how you get...

Introducing Gift Registry

09 Nov 2015

  You might have noticed that there's now a gift registry section on our website - we're really excited to bring you this! What it means is that you can choose an item or items from our selection, you pay a deposit and we'll put it aside for you so that no-one else can buy it.  Then, we'll...

Our New Website

09 Nov 2015

  I hope you're loving the new look of the website, it's taken some time but we're really pleased with the results.  We wanted to put the photos of our pieces front and centre, so that you get the best experience of the items when making your choices. We also know that most of our customers...

Behind the Scenes at Teacup Fairy HQ!

04 Aug 2015

Here's the second installment from the Teacup Fairy Chronicles.  I thought you might be interested to hear about how we look after our teacups and how we go about cleaning, wrapping and storing our china so that it gets to you in the best possible condition.   What Happens when a Teacup Arrives...

Welcome to the Teacup Fairy Blog!

16 Jul 2015

Welcome to the first of a series of blog posts from Fairy HQ! I'm going to try to blog at least once or twice a month to keep you up to date with what we're doing, focus in one or two manufacturers and share a few tips and tricks along the way. So I guess it's best to start at the beginning and...