Stunning handpainted creamware. While we don't have a maker's mark for the china, we do know that creamware was at its most popular between 1740 and 1840 so there is a very good chance that this incredible set is 200 years old, making it the oldest set in our collection. Featuring exquisite sponged on guilt and beautiful flowers it comprises 8 trios, one large sugar bowl, one large milk jug and two cake plates! Beautiful and in amazing condition!

Date: 1740-1840

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Unmarked cabinet cup believed to be from around 1820. With a pretty red and blue design repeated on the cup and the saucer. Note there is a very old chip on the rim of this cup as shown on the photo. A collectors piece.

Manufacturer: Unknown
Date: Believed to be around 1820

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Fabulous tea set by Grosvenor China, made in the 1920's for H Blairman and Sons, an antique dealer. The set is classic Grosvenor - the wide cabinet cup shape, the vibrant banding overlaid with gilt and the floral motif. The styling is superb. Please note that three of the teacups have hairlines and therefore we're offering this set as a display item rather than for everyday use. The gilt is in good condition and the decorative quality of the collection is very high

Manufacturer: Grosvenor China
Date: 1920's

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Lovely blue Daisy by Wileman (pre Shelley). The decoration depicts daisies here but the cup shape is also known as "Daisy"
In good condition considering its advanced age and the very fine nature of the china. Beautiful deep blue decoration of daisies repeated throughout the flower-shaped china. Set includes 6 teacup trios, two serving plates milk jug & large sugar bowl. Utterly exquisite. In one of Wileman's most popular colours.

Manufacturer: Wileman
Date: 1899-1910

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Beautiful tea set made by Wild Bros in their popular Evelyn style. Featuring striking art deco patterns and floral designs. The fluted shape of the china adds a real sense of style. ,br/>This set consists of 8 trios (teacup, saucer, plate), milk jug, large victorian style sugar bowl and 2 big cake plates. The set is in good condition and has minor wear to some individual pieces.

Manufacturer: Wild Bros
Date: 1922 - 1927

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Absolutely wonderful double teaset featuring beautiful Imari floral designs. This set is extensive and will make a a truly striking addition to any collection. We really love the large victorian style sugar bowl and tall, elegant milk jug. The set is in good condition although two of the cups are slightly discoloured on the inside and the milk jug has a very small crack on the inside. Price has been adjusted accordingly. 

Manufacturer: Crescent China
Date: 1917-1925

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Beautiful handpainted trio from Coalport in a stunning quatrefoil design. We've never seen another one like this so can't really provide many details other than the backstamp means it was produced in Coalbrookdale between the years 1875 and 1881. The trio is in good condition other than 2 small chips on the top of the cup and the set is priced accordingly.

Manufacturer: Coalport
Date: 1875-1881

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Wileman in a fabulously elegant wisteria design. This is a double tea set with two serving plates, and milk jug although we are missing the sugar bowl and one cup from the collection (collection includes 12 saucers and 12 tea plates, we'll continue to search for the replacements!). The design is very unusual and doesn't come up very often. In good condition having been stored in an attic since the 1950's.

Manufacturer: Wileman
Date: 1896-1966

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Absolutely adorable little set which would make a fantastic gift. Fine bone china, with a small half-pint teapot, teapot stand, milk jug, sugar bowl and matching teacup duo. With strong green banding and a colourful floral motif. Absolutely exquisite. These come up so seldom and are snapped up, so if you'd like it, please don't hesitate

Manufacturer: Radford
Date: 1920's

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Classic Clifton China with rose motif and checked banding.
This tea set has 10 teacup trios (cups are on the small size, requisite with the age of the set), plus milk jug, sugar bowl and two serving plates. Note there are hairlines on both the sugar bowl and one cup

Manufacturer: Clifton China
Date: C.1915-27

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A sweet little set of four trios by Wileman (pre Shelley). Featuring a pretty leaf pattern in  classic blue and white, on the early May coffee cup shape. This antique set is in superb condition bearing in mind it is almost 150 years old!

Manufacturer: Wileman China
Date: 1893-1895

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Crown Derby three piece breakfast set, perfect for one! The teacup, milk jug & sugar bowl are all quite large, with whirled handles and pretty recurring daisy pattern. This antique set is in beautiful condition, with just a little wear to the handle on the cup. 

Manufacturer: Crown Derby China
Date: 1877-1890

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Absolutely stunning antique trio by Wileman China. Featuring a full sized teacup, saucer and tea plate decorated with dainty dotting and blue flowers and finished with a golden gilt edging, this trio is really beautiful and in great condition for its age - its one of the oldest pieces in our collection! 

Manufacturer: Wileman China
Date: 1890-1891

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Unleash your inner Downton Abbey with this victorian trio. Formal navy blue striping, overlaid with sumptuous gilt and rose motifs.  

Manufacturer: Unmarked

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This tea set doesn't have a maker's mark, but we know it's beautiful, and we know it's old.
Decorated in true victorian style with bands of navy blue overlaid with gilt scrolling, a floral motif and intricate pattern work, this set is fabulous.
If you want the full Downton Abbey experience, this is the one for your table.

Manufacturer: Unknown
Date: Unknown

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Wonderful green and gilt design and classic Victorian styling on these pieces, which are some of the oldest in our collection. Note that the gilt is very worn and there are firing marks throughout the collection (character rather than detrimental) but still very beautiful and great to use or admire. 

Manufacturer: Radford China
Date: 1880

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Wonderful green and gilt design and classic victorian styling on these pieces, which are some of the oldest in our collection.
Note that the gilt is very worn and there are firing marks throughout the collection (character rather than detrimental) but still very beautiful and great to use or admire. 

Manufacturer: Radford China
Date: c.1880

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