Lovely blue Daisy by Wileman (pre Shelley). The decoration depicts daisies here but the cup shape is also known as "Daisy"
In good condition considering its advanced age and the very fine nature of the china. Beautiful deep blue decoration of daisies repeated throughout the flower-shaped china. Set includes 6 teacup trios, two serving plates milk jug & large sugar bowl. Utterly exquisite. In one of Wileman's most popular colours.

Manufacturer: Wileman
Date: 1899-1910

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Wileman in a fabulously elegant wisteria design. This is a double tea set with two serving plates, and milk jug although we are missing the sugar bowl and one cup from the collection (collection includes 12 saucers and 12 tea plates, we'll continue to search for the replacements!). The design is very unusual and doesn't come up very often. In good condition having been stored in an attic since the 1950's.

Manufacturer: Wileman
Date: 1896-1966

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A sweet little set of four trios by Wileman (pre Shelley). Featuring a pretty leaf pattern in  classic blue and white, on the early May coffee cup shape. This antique set is in superb condition bearing in mind it is almost 150 years old!

Manufacturer: Wileman China
Date: 1893-1895

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Absolutely stunning antique trio by Wileman China. Featuring a full sized teacup, saucer and tea plate decorated with dainty dotting and blue flowers and finished with a golden gilt edging, this trio is really beautiful and in great condition for its age - its one of the oldest pieces in our collection! 

Manufacturer: Wileman China
Date: 1890-1891

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Very special antique duo by Wileman China with a lovely delicate purple leaf pattern. What makes this so special is that the cup and saucer are cut into pretty flower shapes, which makes this duo quite unique! The demitasse is quite tiny so its definitely for display and ornamental purposes only.

Manufacturer: Wileman China
Date: 1894-1910

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